Sunday, February 23, 2014


Video games. video games and more video games. That's the battle everyday with my 9  year old son. Not only keeping the amount of time he plays in check, but also not allowing inappropriate games in the house that some of his friends are allowed to watch. Am I that strict of a parent for not allowing Grand Theft Auto for my 4th grader.

We have a rule in the house. Get straight A’s and you can play ½ hour a day Monday thru Thursday.  No A’s then no video games during the school week. The weekends I let him play but still keep it to a reasonable time. Of course what is reasonable to me is never enough for my son.

His teacher just gave his class a homework assignment for writing.
The question was "Write about a day that wasn't fair”.

Here is what my son came up with.

                “It’s not fair!” I screamed. “Go to your room!” My mom scolded.
This is a time I thought it wasn’t fair. I wasn’t able to get the video game I wanted, so I got grounded for yelling at my Mom. Definitely not fair right? The game was too inappropriate, but all my friends have it!  I was angry, no, outraged! Of course, my friends called me a “fail” when I came back to school to from the weekend. That is what friends say when they don’t like something that you did. Not naming names, but here is how it all started.

           First, I remember the day when I first heard about this video game Grand Theft Auto Five. I wanted it so badly I would die for it. I did not have enough money. It was sixty dollars! For Christmas, I got a one hundred dollar gift card. I was going to buy the game. But my Mom looked up the video game. “It is too inappropriate Harrison.” My Mom said. I started yelling at her. All I got was a invitation to my room. All my friends have it and I can’t get it! I had to stay in my room for five hours straight!

       Next, my room isn’t so bad, it has a small night table with a lamp and a radio and a couple of books. My room has an electronic drum set with a box of drumsticks. It is a nice room, but not a room you want to stay in for five hours straight when you don’t have to sleep and you can go play video games and sports! The hours went by as I did nothing and still wanting Grand Theft Auto Five, I also wasn’t aloud to play any video games for the whole week. My Mom just doesn’t get the life of  being a kid in the twenty first century. Neither does my Dad. I can’t have phone service on my   
I -phone until my birthday!
     Later, my friends did a cocoa stand without me, they were probably making money while I sat my butt on a bed. My other friends were probably playing GTA V. Finally, my mom said I can come out because we are going to kids night out. “What?” I asked confused. “We paid for it already, you are lucky you are going”. So I went and to take my mind off my punishment. It was very fun, although it was very fun, I got in an argument with somebody and got into more trouble! I hated that Saturday.

       On that Monday, I was happy again. I got an A on my math test so I could play video games, and also, I bought two other video games that cost my whole one hundred dollars. These games are Call Of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4, and I still play them to this date. I learned that you can live without playing video games, so you can live without one.

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