Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tips to Keep Your Kids Academically Sharp This Summer

Summertime can be the best time of the year for kids and families. Vacations, sleeping in and days that go on with no clear schedule can be a relaxing alternative to the demands of the school year.

But one of the pitfalls of the season is that kids generally get out of the habit of learning everyday.  They can easily forget things that they learned during the school year.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways that we can keep our kids learning - and interested in learning - during the long, hot Summer months and none of them have to break the bank.

Most schools offer a free online refresher course of your child's past school year as well as an introduction to their next years program.  This is a great way to give your child a confidence boost and jump start their back to school experience.  Check with your local school district for details.

Another easy way we have found to get our kids thinking and feeding that need to learn are Comprehensive Education books.  They are available at most chain retailers and warehouse stores as well as online.  They are workbooks that range from Preschool to High School and they are awesome for getting those minds thinking again!  Plus they can do the workbooks inside and you can bond with them and learn more about how your children learn just by helping them out with them!

If you have kids that you want to give that extra push to, try entering them in Summer School.  Even if they have excelled during the year, Summer School can give them that refresher that they need to continue their education into the next grade.  Ask your school about the classes offered and the cost, if there is any.  The consistent reinforcement of subjects like Math during a time when kids are not using it much can be invaluable!

In our community our local library has reading hours, math projects and more.  They are free to kids and can be a great source of Summer continued education!  Our library offers everything from story time for toddlers to Elementary School aged kids to teen nights and activities.  Sometimes just taking the kids to the library and letting them spend the afternoon reading can engage their minds and help their love of learning as well.

Create flash cards and games at home that are aimed at the next school year's curriculum.  We found several sites by searching 'Making Kids Flash Cards' that allow you to create some to be made and mailed to you as well as free printables to help you create some at home. Taking a few minutes to quiz your kids during the day not only breaks up the monotony of the day but also gives them something to focus on that is fun and helps their minds embrace the learning process as well!

Just as we value building children's confidence by offering our EZ SOX to families, we also value continued education even as the school doors close for Summer vacation!

We love reading tips on how to keep children learning all summer long.  What have you done this Summer with your children and what tips can you add to our list?  Please leave your best tips below for us to include!

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