Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning to put on socks can be frustrating for young children. EZ SOX can help!
Our double reinforced loops give tiny fingers a strong grip for pulling over tiny toes. Cute animal faces act as a guide for your little one, showing them which way is up. Sticky grip non-skid bottoms makes EZ SOX safe on slippery surfaces.

EZ SOX was created after watching our son struggle to put on his socks.
They were either up side down, inside out or sideways.
We saw his frustration and felt there must be a better way.
From the first time our son tried EZ SOX it worked like a charm.
He was beaming with pride and confidence, because he didn't need Mommy or
Daddy to help him put on socks anymore. We were beaming too!

EZ SOX Makes Putting On Socks Fun!

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